CITY INTERVENTIONS / Highpark - 3 strategies for greener and denser cities

HIGH PARK is a multi-functional extension for dense european cities with lack of green areas. The aim is to combine qualities of a classic park with additional public functions to strenghten local communities. A vertical structure provides open space for different functional programs on several levels, which are extended with large terraces, balconies and roofs. The green areas invite the local inhabitants for social activities in a surrounding of unknown possibilites. Furthermore the dense green vegetation improves the local micro-climate and air quality of the surrounding.

New Housing Project / Baumschulgasse 16

SUPERFUTUREGROUP was contracted to design a high quality housing project in graz. Two villa like volumes will provide generous terraces and balconies for his future residents.


We look forward to welcoming you to our new premises in Palais Inzhagi - Bischofsplatz 1/6b Graz!


URBAN SUPER FOREST at Virserum Art Museum - Sweden

Urban Super Forest is selected for the Architecture of Necessity Exhibition 2016 at Virserum Art Museum / Sweden.

The exhibition will be held at Virserum Art Museum between 15 May and 4 December, 2016, as part of WOOD 2016 project.

URBAN SUPER FOREST at the FORM FOLLOWS.... exhibition at HDA Graz

9 optimistic positions/practices and a swarm of 291 ideas from the Future Architecture Platform
The FORM FOLLOWS ... exhibition at the House of Architecture - HDA Graz will allow visitors to discover the intellectual and practical universes of nine optimistic, young architectural positions/practices that develop possible answers to relevant societal questions in order to get an insight about what drives them in their designs.

10.06.2016 bis 14.08.2016
Eröffnung 09.06.2016 | 19:00

Veranstaltungsort: HDA im Palais Thinnfeld, Mariahilferstraße 2, 8020 Graz

SUPERFUTURE GROUP at Urban Future Global Conference 2016

Our project URBAN SUPER FOREST was part of Thomas Puchers lecture talking about future trends at the Urban Future Global Conference in Graz. Superfuture Group spent two days between inspiring lectures, discussions and talks about possible changes in urban future.