Villa Marie on Arch Daily

After Villa Marie was published on Arch Daily Daily Europe some weeks ago, we got featured on Arch Daily Brazil as well :-)

ARPEX Headquarters construction site update

Construction of Arpex Headquarters is entering the finalization stage. The mounting of the perforated metal facade is actually starting. Completion is expected by the end of October - we will keep you informed.

Marie at Villa Marie

We will present full photo documentation soon…

Foto © Simon Oberhofer

Foto © Simon Oberhofer

CITY INTERVENTIONS / Highpark - 3 strategies for greener and denser cities

HIGH PARK is a multi-functional extension for dense european cities with lack of green areas. The aim is to combine qualities of a classic park with additional public functions to strenghten local communities. A vertical structure provides open space for different functional programs on several levels, which are extended with large terraces, balconies and roofs. The green areas invite the local inhabitants for social activities in a surrounding of unknown possibilites. Furthermore the dense green vegetation improves the local micro-climate and air quality of the surrounding.

New Housing Project / Baumschulgasse 16

SUPERFUTUREGROUP was contracted to design a high quality housing project in graz. Two villa like volumes will provide generous terraces and balconies for his future residents.


We look forward to welcoming you to our new premises in Palais Inzhagi - Bischofsplatz 1/6b Graz!